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Meeting – August 3, 2023

Sunday, August 6th, 2023

BLC Meeting Recap – August 3rd, 12:18pm

Call to Order by Lion President Keith Cook

“If it’s Thursday … it’s LIONS CLUB!”
Members Present: Keith Cook, Todd Schiller, Malinda Golden, John Corsi, Mike Matthews, Jon Fontenot, Sam Listi, Karen Stagner, Billy Conway, James Harrison, Rob Potts, Mac Hickerson, Jennah Gliha

Guest: Mack Lattimer, Susan Harrison, Stacy Price (Harper Talasek)
Song: by Lion John Corsi
Pledge to US Flag: Lion Rob Potts
Pledge to Texas Flag: Lion Mac Hickerson
Prayer: Lion Sam Listi
Joke: Lion Mike Matthews … bad joke of the day
Plate Spin: Lion Mac Hickerson
Exercise: Lion Mike Matthews

Birthdays: James Harrison (7/30), Malinda Golden (8/23), Mike Matthews (8/3)

John Corsi and Todd Schiller were presented with Lions International Key Awards for increasing membership.
Mack Hickerson was presented with a plaque for his 45 years of Belton Lions Service!!
Congratulations! and Thank You!

Back to School with God Event – Great Job and Thanks to everyone who came out.

MD 2 x3 District Cabinet Meeting, August 12th, Hillsboro – President Keith Cook and Secretary Karen Stagner will be attending – We can promote the Lions on the Leon Event to all of the Clubs in our District.  Anyone else want to carpool, next Saturday, August 12th 

 Lions on the Leon Picnic in the Park, October 7th – next planning meeting will be August 7th, 6:30 pm at Christa’s house 3239 Lake Park Road, Belton.

Program:  James Harrison with our annual State of the Club – Thank you James!  The annual State of the Club recap is attached to this Meeting Recap.

Future Program Assignments:
August 10 – Mike Matthews – Lion Dick Chapin, Texas Lions Camp – and donation check(s)
August 17 – David Shaw
August 24 – Karen Stagner –Representative Hugh D. Shine – Legislative Update

September 7 – Lou Griffin
September 14 – Christa Strang
September 21 – Jennah Gliha
September 28 – Danny Dossman

Keeping on the Front Burner:

Bell County Senior Expo – September 26th – 8am-1pm.  Sign-up sheet

Jennah, Keith, Cree & Karen have signed up so far. Wear your BLC t-shirt.

Bacon, Blues & Brews Plate Spinning Contest, Saturday, September 30th, Downtown Belton – make plans to help sell People’s Choice Tickets – sign up sheet will be passed closer to event.

Saturday, October 21stHOCTIL Fall Festival – Save the Date – giving out goodies and candy

Thursday, December 21stHOCTIL Christmas with Santa Claus – Harris Community Center??

Belton Lions Wall at Heritage Park – James Harrison coordinating
Friends of Belton Lions – James Harrison coordinating
85th Anniversary of the Belton Lions Club – James Harrison is planning a Celebration. James explained that Belton Lions Club first met in 1938; then Chartered in 1939.
2024 Fundraiser Cruise – Carnival Jubilee – January 13-20, 2024 – now posted on facebook and on our website

2024 Stampede on the Chisholm Trail – we need to set a date for the event.
James IMG_3731 IMG_3734 IMG_3736

Meeting – March 4, 2021

Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Meeting was called to order by Club President Harrison.

Attendance: James Harrison, David Shaw, Mike Matthews, Jon Fontenot, Karen Stagner, Danny Dossman, David Leigh, John Corsi, Sam Listi, Rob Potts, Gary Knight, Mac Hickerson

Guest: DG Randy Sepulvado and DG-elect Angela Cases

Song by Lion Knight
Pledge by Lion Matthews
Prayer by Lion Leigh
Exercise Program:  It’s always a great day to be a Belton Lion
Joke / Plate Spin by Lion Hickerson

Announcements – 
 – New Stampede Sponsors – Pain Specialists of Austin, Blackland Implement, ABC Pest Control Home and Commercial Services, John Corsi/State Farm, Wal-Mart Belton.  President Harrison’s goal is $4,000; current sponsorships are at $2875.00.
 – Board Meeting scheduled for today – one topic will be the new LCI event and insurance rules.
 – Lion Dossman provided members with his annual Remembering the Alamo update – Thank You!
 – Reminder: Belton Lion Ball Caps are available – $20 each
Stampede Update –
 – Posters/Flyers will be ordered by the end of next week.
 – Secretary Challenge: Prize is a hand-made fused & stained glass kaleidoscope to the Club Member that brings in the most number of Sponsors – regardless of level – minimum to qualify = five (5).
Name Badges –
 – Name Badges are being ordered – everyone will have a name badge
 – Existing badges 3 ½” / New badges 2 ½”
 – Occupation is required field on new badges – please advise preferred occupation listing
 – Volunteer needed to alter the slots in the case to accommodate the smaller badges
Facebook Member Focus –
 – Each month, we will spotlight one member – photo, who they are and why they are a Belton Lion.
 – Who’s Who form will be available at lunch meetings.
BLC Lions Club Vests –
 – Gold Lion vests are available to order @$39.95 each, plus shipping (includes Club personalization on back).
 – Vest information will be available at lunch meetings.
 – Optional: After your vest is received – we can have your name embroidered, above the patch – locally.
USA Flag Program –
 – Soft roll-out delivery of USA flags has begun.  Each week, new renewals will be distributed to Routes – Thank You Route Teams!
 – Packets of order forms and solar light information will be available at lunch meetings.
 – Lion Shaw and Lion Stagner will be point of contact for questions or assistance.
Easter Meal for HOCTIL Families
 – The Club will be providing Easter Meal food baskets for five (5) HOCTIL families of children with special needs.
 – Sign up sheet available at lunch meetings – Thank You to those who have already signed up.
 – Delivery is planned for Thursday, April 1st.
Guest Speaker Program: DG Randy Sepulvado presented an excellent overview on The HISTORY of Lions Clubs – “All About Lions” is attached to this email.  Lions are on a Mission to SERVE … Where there’s a NEED … There’s a LION!  all about lions
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Board Meeting Minutes – February 4, 2021

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Thursday, February 4, 2021
Call to Order: Lion President Harrison at 1:00pm

Members Present: President Harrison, Secretary/Treasurer Stagner, Lion Tamer Hickerson, Tail Twister Danny Dossman, Past President Shaw

Guest: Buddy Hickerson

Order of Business:
Guest Meals

Discussed whether invited guest (who join the Club) should be paid by the inviting member. After discussion, it was decided that the policy would be: if the guest joined the Club on their first visit – their lunch would be part of their own dues; otherwise, the inviting Lion should pay for the guest’s lunch.  It was also discussed and decided that a guest – not personally invited by one of our members – should be expected to pay for their own lunch $15.00.

Member Focus on Facebook

Discussion and decision was made to highlight one member each month on Facebook.  Secretary Stagner will contact each member for a picture and a quote “Why I am a Belton Lion” – and “Who they are” and “Occupation”.

USA Flags

Secretary Stagner requested authorization to purchase additional flags for inventory.  Lion Dossman guessed that we have about 25 flags left in inventory. The Board discussed and approved.

Flag Program Ad in Belton Journal

B/W 6”x9” placed in the Journal for 2/4/2021; 2nd same ad will be in 2/11/2021 edition; then Feature Article on 2/18/2021.  Secretary Stagner is seeking information regarding the history of the Flag Program.  President Harrison reminded all that one of our most distinguished members – Lion Dennis Holle originated the idea for the Flag Program.  President Harrison and Secretary Stagner will set an interview appointment with Lion Tuma for the Feature Article.

Stampede Sponsorships

  1. As of this date: Tri-City Bicycles, Covington Real Estate, Dossman Funeral Home, Invoices out to John Corsi State Farm; and Mike Matthews ABC Pest Control. President Harrison has several prospects and will keep us updated.
  2. Secretary Stagner will start posting FB “Thank You” ads for the Stampede Sponsors.
  3. Secretary Stagner will generate the donation request paperwork for President Harrison to take to
    H-E-B, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club – to use for Stampede Snacks, Drinks, Food and Supplies.

Stampede Posters

President Harrison advised the Board that he is going to have Paper Graphics generate a poster for the Stampede and has offered to pay for it.  Once completed, the poster will be presented to the Board for design approval.

Member Name Tags and Yellow Vests

Name Tags were discussed and decision was made for the Club to purchase name tags that we need from Lions International; and encourage all members to wear them during the meeting – Tail Twister will monitor and respond accordingly.  Yellow Vests were discussed – the Board consensus was to encourage members to purchase and wear the vest – especially if the Club is at a public event.  Members can order directly; or the Club can order and invoice the member with their dues.

Easter Food Baskets

Secretary Stagner suggested that the Club add Easter Food Baskets for five (5) HOCTIL Families of Children with Special needs as another one of our Club Projects.  The members donate and contribute all of the food, the baskets and the decorations – there is no cost to Club. The decision was made to add this to our annual projects.

Event Budgets

President Harrison is generating budgets for our fundraising events – based on past and current income and expenses.

William Long and Hallie Cox Scholarships – two (2) $1,000 scholarships

President Harrison and Secretary Stagner asked Lion Todd Schiller to be our Scholarship Chair.  He agreed and will contact Associate Lion Ted Smith to coordinate.  Applications are due back to Counselors Office by May 1st.

Delinquent Club Members

Unpaid At-Large members’ accounts were reviewed.  Most regular members are up to date … the few in arrears will be contacted by President Harrison.

Meeting Ended at 1:46pm

Respectfully Submitted by Lion Secretary Karen Stagner

Meeting – February 4, 2021

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Hello fellow Belton Lions – February 4th Lunch Meeting Review

Meeting was called to order by Club President Harrison !

Attendance: James Harrison, Todd Schiller, Mike Matthews, Jon Fontenot, Sam Listi, Karen Stagner, Danny Dossman, Frank Hernandez, Davis Shaw, David Tuma, Robb Potts, Christa Strang, Mac Hickerson

Guests: Buddy Hickerson – Guest of Mac Hickerson; and Guest Speaker Jason Fossett, Belton High School Head Boys Basketball Coach

Song by Lion President Harrison
Pledge by Lion Fontenot
Prayer by Lion Listi

Exercise Program:  Roaring with Expression!

Joke – Lion Dossman – controlling the moment / Plate Spin by Belton Lions Official Plate Spinner Lion Hickerson!

Announcements –

1.  Stampede Bike Ride 2021 Update by President Harrison – remaining as 10th Annual.
    a. First email to previous riders will be emailed out this week.
    b. Club Secretary Challenge: Prize is a hand-made, one-of-a-kind fused & stained glass kaleidoscope (pictured below) – for the Club member who brings in the most number of Bike Ride sponsors – regardless of sponsor level.  Minimum number of sponsors to qualify is five (5) – regardless of sponsor level. Deadline for sponsor submission will be Friday, April 2nd.  Award will be presented on April 8th.
Challenge competition standing as of today:
Lion Dossman – 1 sponsor / Lion Corsi – 1 sponsor / Lion Matthews – 1 sponsor
    c. Ride Map has been reviewed and approved – Thank you Lion Shaw.

2.  Flag Program:
    a. As of 2/1/2021 – we have received 59 renewals – $1,270.00
    b. Reminder email to past participants will go out this weekend
    c. Plan is to start rolling out the flags starting Saturday, February 20th
3.   Facebook Suggestion Made:  Create FB event for the weekly lunch meeting – so those using FB can “check-in” on arrival – increasing Belton Lion exposure and awareness to FB friends.
4.  President Harrison presented Lion David Tuma with a Chevron commemorating his 25 Years of Lion Service!  Congratulations!


Program – Lion Schiller invited Jason Fossett, Belton High School Head Boys Basketball Coach, to give us an update. Great presentation on Belton Tiger Sports and accomplishments … headed for the playoffs … Thank You!
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Meeting – December 10th

Sunday, December 13th, 2020
Hello fellow Belton Lions – December 10th Lunch Meeting Review
Meeting was called to order by Club President Harrison.
Attendance: James Harrison, Gary Knight, Mac Hickerson, Christa Strang, Todd Shiller, Lou Griffin, Frank Hernandez, Gene Ellis, David Shaw, Quinn Arnaud, Mike Matthews, Sam Listi, Rob Potts, Karen Stagner, Danny Dossman
Guest: Cynthia Hernandez, Belton EDC; Judy Garrett, Belton Development and Tourism – Guests of Sam Listi
             Paul Strang – Guest of Christa Strang
Song by Lion Knight
Pledge by Lion Listi
Prayer by Lion President Harrison
Exercise Program:  Thanks to Lion Listi’s reminder – our guests really experienced a “workout”
Joke – a bit of Cajun Humor – something about a 12’7″ ‘Clarence’ / Plate Spin by Lion Hickerson
Announcements –
  – Christmas Dinner on December 17th:  5:30pm Social / 6pm Dinner. Cost for the meal will be $30 per person.  Member meal cost will be absorbed by the Club; spouses/guests can be invoiced to the member for the cost.

Dinner Menu:
Entree: Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast, Chicken Fried Steak, Blackened Catfish
Sides: Home-Style Green Beans, Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes
Note: Blacken Catfish is served on a Bed of Rice, not Mashed Potatoes 

District Governor Randy Sepulvado will present 25 year chevrons to Lion Tuma and Lion Dossman and a 10 year chevron to Lion Reyes.
Dress Casual: Lion Dossman provided the Google definition of Smart Casual – Smart Casual is an ambiguously defined Western dress code that is generally considered casual wear, but with smart (in the sense of “well dressed”) components of a proper lounge suit from traditional informal wear.  This interpretation typically includes dress shirt, necktie, trousers and dress shoes, but worn with an odd-coloured blazer or a sports coat instead.  Lion Ellis made an unofficial motion to not observe the provided definition as our Dress for the evening.
 – Board Meeting Review: Future Heritage Park ideas; Wall of Honor at Heritage Park/Special Fundraiser; Credit Card Machines; the proposal to Partner with Rotary and the GIN for upgrading IT; and Membership.
 – Christmas Baskets for Downs But Not Out families – Reminder to bring food donations by next Thursday/the Christmas Party. Most all of the item are “adopted” As a reminder, the List is attached to this email.  Return items by December 17th.  Assembly & Delivery: Friday, December 18th.
 – B.I.S.D. HEARTBEAT Angel Project – Club members adopted Six (6) angel’s Christmas tags (all live under the same roof) Thank you, each, for your caring generosity.  Packages to be delivered to B.I.S.D. immediately after lunch.
 – Belton Lion Ball Caps are in – $20 each and can be invoiced with Dues in January.
Program: Lion President Harrison invited Mayor Marion Grayson (R) to speak with our Club – recapping her time as Belton Mayor.
Grayson served 16½ years on the Belton City Council, … as the city’s first female mayor.
Belton City Manager Sam Listi said Grayson’s legacy will be more than just her breaking the gender barrier for the office. “Mayor Grayson’s time of service to Belton presented important and challenging issues for action and she addressed each one with vision, passion, humor, and grace,” Listi said. “Her legacy will live on for decades to come, and provides an excellent example for us to follow.” ~ Temple Telegram (11/9/2020)

Mayor Grayson took us on a storyboard walk down memory lane … reminiscing the growth and expansion of Parks, Parades, Schools, Businesses, Community … Thank you Marion Grayson!  
(Comments from Mayor Grayson and our guests are attached to this email)

Future Program Assignments:
December 17 – EVENING meeting – Belton Lions Club Christmas Party – DG Sepulvada chevron presentations
December 24 – NO MEETING – Christmas Eve
December 31 – NO MEETING – New Years Eve
January 7 – Gary Knight
January 14 – Doc Weaver
January 21 – James Harrison – Matt Bates
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Meeting – December 3rd

Monday, December 7th, 2020

December 3rd Lunch Meeting Review

Meeting was called to order by Club President Harrison.
Attendance: James Harrison, David Shaw, Jon Fontenot, Gene Ellis, Mike Matthews, Karen Stagner, Danny Dossman, Rob Potts, Mac Hickerson, Gary Knight, Christa Strang
Guest: DG Randy Sepulvada, Camp Director Dick Chapin
Song by Lion Knight
Pledge by Lion Strang
Prayer by DG Randy Sepulvada
Exercise Program:  Strenuous Workout!
Joke by Lion Dossman “Clock’d” / Plate Spin by Lion Hickerson
Announcements –
 – Reminder that the Board is meeting immediately following today’s program.
 – Christmas Dinner on December 17th:  As the seating will be limited to 40 people total, sign up sheet was passed again. Cost for the meal will be $30 per person.  Member meal cost will be absorbed by the Club; spouses/guests can be invoiced for the cost.  District Governor Randy Sepulvado will present 25 year chevrons to Lion Tuma and Lion Dossman and a 10 year chevron to Lion Reyes.  All three (3) recipients will be attending.
Dress Casual.
 – Christmas Baskets for Downs But Not Out families – Sign-up sheet passed for food contributions – we still have a few items to be donated – List is attached to this email.  Return items: Thursday, December 10th or December 17th.  Assembly & Delivery: Friday, December 18th.
 – B.I.S.D. HEARTBEAT Angel Project – Six (6) angel’s Christmas tags (all live under the same roof) are available for member adoption – by the end of the lunch meeting, all of the kiddos were adopted.  Wrapped and packaged/bundled gifts are due back by Thursday, December 10th. It was agreed to spend roughly $50 each.
 – Belton Lion Ball Caps are in – $20 each and can be invoiced with Dues in January.
Program –
President Harrison invited District Governor Randy Sepulvado to address the members with a matter of Texas Lions return funding from dues paid for a transferred Texas program (Lone Star Lions Eyebank); the Club voted in favor of the Governor’s Option 1.Texas Lions Camp Director Dick Chapin updated the members on the rebuilding/repair to the bunkhouse at Texas Lions Camp that was destroyed during a storm in March.  Lion President Harrison and Lion Hickerson made the formal presentation of the $1,000 giant check from the President’s Challenge – to DG Sepulvado and Director Chapin.  Great Job Belton Lions!
Future Program Assignments:
December 10 – Lion Harrison – Retired Mayor Marion Grayson
December 17 – EVENING meeting – Belton Lions Club Christmas Party – DG Sepulvada chevron presentations
December 24 – NO MEETING – Christmas Eve
December 31 – NO MEETING – New Years Eve
January 7 – Gary Knight
January 14 – Doc Weaver

June 11th Meeting

Monday, August 24th, 2020

June 11, 2020

Belton Chamber President Randy Pittinger joined a few of us for lunch Thursday at Arusha’s and gave us an update on Chamber news and activities … including the plans for this year’s exciting and innovative VIDEO 4th of July Parade! Thank you Randy Pittinger and thank you Lion John Corsi for inviting him!

FB Lions Flag Program

Mark Your Calendar! Thursday, June 25th, at The Gin! The ZOOM meetings were great; but it will be even greater to get back together again! We will NOT have a meeting on June 18th. We’re looking forward to June 25th – See you Soon!

March 5 Meeting – Chris Ellis

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Great meeting today!  Lion Barry Farrell brought us Chris Ellis from the Bell County Sheriff’s Department, Crisis Intervention Division … so engaged … and informative!

IMG_8114 IMG_8111 IMG_8112

February 20 – Paul Romer

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Thank you Lion Chief Ellis for inviting City of Belton Public Information Officer Paul Romer to visit with our Club last Thursday about how important the upcoming Census is to Belton and Bell County. And Thank you Lion Listi for standing in for Chief. Great and informative program!

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Christmas Baskets for Families of Children with Autism

Friday, December 20th, 2019

On December 19th, our Belton Club assembled and delivered Christmas food baskets for five (5) families of Children with Autism.  Great Service Opportunity!

IMG_7401 001 001a 002 002a 004 005 006 007 008 IMG_7390 IMG_7393 IMG_7399