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Meeting – June 24

Saturday, June 26th, 2021
Meeting was called to order by Club President Harrison
Attendance: James Harrison, Jon Fontenot, Sam Listi, David Leigh, Todd Schiller, David Tuma, Karen Stagner, Mike Matthews, Patti Powell, Rob Potts, Mac Hickerson
Guests: Scholarship Recipient Audrey Haffner; and her mom, Kristin Haffner.
Song by Lion President Harrison
Pledge by Lion Fontenot
Prayer by Lion Potts
Exercise Program: time to get limber …
 – New District Governor Angela Cases has asked our President Harrison to be Zone Chair for 2021-2022.
 – The Club needs to set up a date to clean up the STAMPEDE paraphernalia at the Journal.
 – Happy Birthday David Shaw (6/27/21)
 – This is the last meeting of the 2020-2021 Lions year; there will be no meeting on July 1st.
 – New Officer Induction has been postponed to Thursday, July 15th.
 – Temple/Belton Lady Lions will hold their Officer Induction on Monday, June 28th, 6:30pm, the GIN; and have invited our Club to send a representative – Thank You Lion Patti Powell for volunteering to go and represent!
 – Just a Note of Reminder: if you’ve missed meetings and want to know what’s been happening at the Club; please visit our webpage: Belton Lions Club; and/or our facebook page: Belton Lions Club
Joke: Lion Leigh and remote from Lion Dossman – Ducks / Dogs / Paramedics (you had to be there) … Plate Spin by Lion Hickerson – phenomenal! 
Program: Lion Schiller, Belton Lions Scholarship Program coordinator – presented to Belton Senior Audrey Haffner, the Dr. William B. Long Memorial Scholarship check, in the amount of $1,000.00. Miss Haffner read her winning essay to the Club members – a Volunteer Heart. Congratulations Audrey! And, Thank you Lion Schiller and the program Judges.
IMG_4685 IMG_4679
Future Programs –   
 July 1 – NO MEETING!
 July 8 – Christa Strang
 July 15 – Todd Schiller – Scholarship Presentation: Page Nunes, Halley Cox Memorial Scholarship
 July 22 – Karen Stagner
 July 29 – Richard Weaver

2021-2022 Officers
President James Harrison
1st Vice President John Corsi
2nd  Vice President – Mike Matthews

Past President James Harrison

Historian James Harrison
Secretary Karen Stagner
Treasurer Karen Stagner
Belton Lions Club Sweetheart – Vacant
Board Member at Large – Mac Hickerson
Tail Twister Danny Dossman
Lion Tamer Mac Hickerson
Webmaster Karen Stagner
Membership Chair – David Shaw

Meeting – June 17

Friday, June 18th, 2021
Meeting was called to order by Club President Harrison
Attendance: James Harrison, David Leigh, Jon Fontenot, Mike Matthews, David Tuma, Mary Shockley, Karen Stagner, Patty Powell, Lou Griffin, Rob Potts, John Corsi, David Shaw, Mac Hickerson
Guests:  Belton Mayor Wayne Carpenter – guest of President Harrison; Guest Speaker – Dr. Jason Martin, UMHB
Song by Lion Corsi
Pledge by Lion Tuma
Prayer by Lion Shockley
Exercise Program: Great therapy …
 – At the last Board Meeting, Matt Bates presented an opportunity for Belton Lions.  Kayak and Unique Boat Races for the Club to organize and hold in conjunction to one of our Picnic in the Park(s).  Updates to continue.
 – The Club has now posted the new flags in the West Temple (BISD) subdivision; as approved.
 – 1st Methodist and Zion are planning a Back to School event on August 7th from 10a-2p.  Our Club will partner with Temple Lions to provide free vision screenings – Lion Shaw will reach out to WalMart Eye Center to see if they want to join in.  Our Club will also help the Methodist men’s committee cooking hot dogs – we can sport our new aprons.
 – President Harrison will prepare budgets for our fundraisers – flag program, stampede, benefit cruise, etc. … just income vs expenses, so we can see how much we should come out ahead in the next year.
 – Our Scholarship winners will come to separate meetings:
    Audrey Haffner, William B. Long Memorial Scholarship, on June 24th
    Page Nunes, Halley Cox Memorial Scholarship, on July 15th
 – New Officer Induction will be help on thursday, June 24th
Joke: Lion(s) Leigh … short and silly …
ProgramPresented to us by Harrison – Dr. Jason Martin, Associate Professor and Clinical Director for Community Life Counseling provided an insightful introduction to the Community Life Counseling service provided by UMHB. The CLC is designed to help individuals, couples, families, and groups in the greater Belton area attain quality, affordable counseling services. Thank You!
Future Programs –
 June 24 – Todd Schiller – Scholarship Presentation: Audrey Haffner, William B. Long Memorial Scholarship;
                  and Officer Installation
 July 1 – NO MEETING!
 July 8 – Christa Strang
 July 15 – Todd Schiller – Scholarship Presentation: Page Nunes, Halley Cox Memorial Scholarship
 July 22 – Karen Stagner
 July 29 – Richard Weaver

Meeting – June 10

Saturday, June 12th, 2021
Lions Lunch – June 10th
Called to Order by President Harrison
Members Present: James Harrison, Danny Dossman, Gene Ellis, Sam Listi, Jon Fontenot, Mack Hickerson, Mike Matthews, John Corsi, Lou Griffin, Mary Shockley – paid, Rob Potts, David Shaw, Karen Stagner
Song by Lion Corsi – do re me fa so la ti do …
Pledge by Lion Stagner
Prayer by Lion Listi
Exercise Program – going digital …
  Matt Bates (for the Board Meeting only)
  Neal Hickerson – guest of Mac Hickerson – paid
  Tex Burrows from Temple Founders Lions – paid
  Paige Powell Rendon – new member from Temple Lions – paid
  Arianne Seacrest – President-Elect for Temple Lions – paid
Joke – something about Yachts in the Attic …; Plate Spin by Mac Hickerson
  – Mary Shockley is back full time and updated her membership status to Regular Member – WooHoo!
  – Secretary Stagner advised that the two people from Temple Neighborhood/Belton I.S.D., have contacted Rotary about their flag program and were advised that Temple Rotary Flag Program does not service their neighborhood.  The Board will discuss adding the neighborhood.
  – President Harrison suggested a book to read: “The Man I Knew” – about President Bush and Serving
  – The List of Program Assignments is out; and is posted on our Belton Lions Club webpage.
  – There will not be a meeting on Thursday, July 1st.
  – Thank you Todd Schiller for coordinating; and to the Judges for your time and consideration.  Winners are:
Page Nunes and Audrey Haffner.  President Harrison will get with Lion Schiller to see if we can award those on Thursday, June 24th.
  – An email will be sent out on Sunday to our Flag Program Participants – Monday, June 14th is FLAG DAY.
GUEST SPEAKER – Thank you Lion John Corsi for bring us Commodore Michael Pilgrim of the Lake Belton Yacht Club – best kept secret in Bell County.  Who knew we have a Yacht Club that rents and charters boats and even, Captains!  They’ve been here since 1974 (Lake Belton Sailing Club); and created the Lake Belton Yacht Club as a 501(c)(3) in 2012. Stay tuned … we will have an upcoming fundraising partnership with them soon …
IMG_4490b IMG_4490 IMG_4490a
June 17: James Harrison ~ Jason Martin with UMHB
June 24: Todd Schiller
July 8: Christa Strang
July 15: David Tuma
July 22: Karen Stagner
July 29: Richard “Doc” Weaver

Meeting – June 3

Sunday, June 6th, 2021
Meeting was called to order by Club President Harrison
Attendance: James Harrison, David Leigh, Mike Matthews, David Shaw, Jon Fontenot, Sam Listi, Danny Dossman, John Corsi, Mac Hickerson, Karen Stagner
Guests:  Belton IT Chris Brown; AJ Gatewood and speaker Belton PD Detective Robert Gatewood

Song by Lion Corsi

Pledge by Lion Leigh
Prayer by Lion Dossman
Exercise Program: Skipped
 – There will be a Board Meeting on June 10th with Matt Bates – bringing some great ideas for fundraisers.
 – We will NOT have a Club Meeting on July 1st.
 – The new list of Program Assignments presented and passed out (attached to this email).
 – The Club received a request from 1st Methodist and Zion Methodist to participate in an event at Yettie Polk Park – “Back to School with God” – possibly offering eyeglass recycling or screening – July 7th – hot dogs? –
The Board will discuss it at the next Board Meeting
 – Thank you to our Scholarship judges – Lion(s) Harrison, Fontenot, Listi and Hickerson volunteered – tough decisions – Lion Schiller will let us know when we will schedule the Awards Luncheon.
  – Lion Stagner advised that we are currently receiving NEW Flag Program participation requests in subdivisions that are in the City of Temple, yet Belton School District.  These subdivisions are not part of the Temple Rotary Flag program – we should discuss expanding into these adjoining areas with the perpetual program.
Joke: Lion(s) Leigh and Dossman – gotta love a Movie Theater joke …
Plate Spin by Lion Hickerson … really lo-o-o-o-ong spin!
ProgramPresented to us by Lion Leigh: Angel (AJ) Aguilar, new General Manager of Grand Avenue Theaters provided an in-depth look into the theater industry during the pandemic; what’s happening now; new movies; meeting and other opportunities at the theater … great program … looking forward to upcoming movies and entertainment at Grand Avenue. Thank You!