Board of Directors Mtg – March 31, 2022

Belton Lions Club Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, April 31st, 2022 – The Gin

Meeting Called to Order by President Corsi at 1:05pm

Members Present: John Corsi, Karen Stagner, Mike Matthews, Mac Hickerson, James Harrison


– Dues Payments: Club looks pretty good – only 3 members are delinquent.  Invoices go out this weekend.

–  Accounting: Bank Accounts

Activity Account – $29,053.43 (Charitable Giving & Fundraising)

General Account – $3,412.28 (Meals and Dues to LCI and District)

– Discussion about a plate spinning contest – Rotary, Police, etc… against Mac Hickerson.  Suggestion was made to get with Judy Garrett about partnering on one of her events.  Maybe at a District Meeting – with Traveling Trophy.  Or, at our Heritage Park event.  Possibly … Bacon, Blues and Brews.

– Bike Ride Route – James Harrison went by the Nolanville bridge construction and met with TxDot Supervisor on site.  He feels that we can cross the bridge “in the center” – they will work with us.  James with get with Chief Ellis and report at the next general meeting.

– Bike Route Promo – Discussion about newspaper on-line advertising; and then print advertising in both papers during the week before the event; plus sending a Press Release to each paper.  Motion to do the advertising by James Harrison; 2nd by Mac Hickerson; vote – approved.

– Georgetown Eye-Glasses Boxes – we might look into these glasses boxes for downtown Belton.  If anyone has connections with the Post Office – they have retired several of their old boxes to put in the larger double ones.

– Vision Assistance Program / Ideal Eye Team (formerly Belton Eye Care) – The Board has been looking into vetting these clients for subsidy payment of eyeglasses and exam.  They have presented the Club with an agreement to examine and provide glasses for $100.00 (18 yr. and under). Co-pay for the patient would be $25.  The Club has previously agreed to capping the overall expenses annually at $500.00.  Motion by accept the agreement by James Harrison; 2nd by Karen Stagner; vote – approved.

– Bike Ride Sponsors – Patti Powell, BeOne, needs vector artwork from each Sponsor.  The Board reviewed each confirmed and prospective sponsor.  James will get with Patti – so that Patti can reach out personally to each sponsor about their logos.  The Club sponsorship for the Ride is currently $5,500.

– Flag Program – we have 61 flags unpaid out of 148.  Notices will be sent over the weekend.  May will be the final notice; they will be advised that if not paid, their flags will be picked up during the week before Memorial Day.  James motioned to accept that plan, 2nd by Mac Hickerson; all agreed.

– Lions Club Badges – 4 badges – the bill was almost $80.00.

– Presidents Goal is to surpass Salado in New Members – in our District.

– Reports to LCI – we make monthly membership reports to LCI.  Our Club should be reporting time and event reports to LCI – monthly.  District wants submissions to the monthly District Newsletter.

– Founder’s Day – April 21st Charter Night – Lion Corsi and Lion Stagner will not be available.  Lion Harrison will take the Lead on the Event.

Meeting ended at 1:52pm

Submitted by: Lions Club Secretary Karen Stagner


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